Saturday, May 29, 2010

I poo'd mommy! I poo'd!

Yes it's true! I am 2 and a half all over again haha. i don't even feel silly about announcing i went potty either. Not after how things have been going for me. I went for an entire week last week without one movement. And no I don't mean a religous awakening. My pregnancies have never been good to me in that area but this one has got to be the worst for absolutely everything. Poo being one of them. Or should i say no poo lol.
I had the worst experience last week with a laxative and thought I was going to die - literally. I took some "gentle, over-night relief in 6-12 hours" pill and laid down for a nap. MY ASS gentle, overnight relief! (No pun intended). Little did I know I would be awaken an hour later to the most awful pains in my back and a horrible cold sweat. I threw myself in the bathroom and just moaned in pain while I borke into a freezing sweat and went pale and dizzy. I was alone and seriously contemplated dialing 911. I was scared to death I was haveing back labor pains and would miscarry. That's how bad this was. 20 mins later Nick came home and didn't have a clue what to do as I begged him to help make the pain stop. He suggested a bath which I threw myself into and provided no relief at all. So 40 mins pass and the pain subsides enough so I can stop rolling around on the floor moaning in pain. I lay down in bed covered in sweat and fall asleep.
I awoke 2 hours later to a slightly less painful reoccurence of the first scene. Another hour later finally went. It was awful all together. I vowed never to take another one probably for the rest of my life but definitely not while I was pregnant. So I went back to taking extra stool softeners thruout the day. Finally after another 4 days I was able to go! Yippie! Every four days is better than nothing I guess. Never thought I'd be happy about poop until I was changing diapers but it seems to have started somewhat earlier then I expected ha ha. You know you have lost all shame when you blog about your BMs huh? These things should come with a TMI button. Can't wait to see what wonderful things in my future happen to create more interesting writings like this... ;)

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