Saturday, May 1, 2010

A New Path

I have decided, with the advice of a fellow ttc mommy wannabe, that it may be a nice and memorable idea to write to my someday rainbow baby. I will write to my future bundle everyday until I am PG. God willing if/when it happens I will then write to my growing babe. I thought this may be a good way to deal with every day and month after month of struggling to be patient with DF. Although I feel like I no longer possess an ounce of patience, I will try to take this 'dealing' time and focus more on it, then the task at hand. Let's see how day number one of Dear Someday Baby goes...

May 1st
Dear Someday Baby,
Someday I know you will come to me. One day I will take that test and you will have lit up every cell in my body with hope, happiness and the most overwhelming love you will ever know. I hope you make it thru a very long journey with me baby. I hope I get to take you home. I will think about you everyday until I have you in my belly. I will fight to get you there. I won't ever give up on you baby. Because I already love you like nothing I've ever loved before. I dream of hearing your heart beat for the first time and that picture I get to take home. I will see you and everything bad in my life will go away. You will bring your mommy so much joy and take away so much heart ache baby. Please come to me. I would love to be your mommy. I love you little someday baby. Mommy loves you so very much.

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