Friday, May 28, 2010

6 Weeks - MS arrives

So I guess the hormones have taken a sky rocket for the worst. The worst for Morning Sickness that is. Even tho we all know the 'morning' is the worst way to describe the time of day that we feel like we have a volcano in our stomaches just waiting to erupt allllllllllllll day and alllllllllllll night. I asked for it right? How stupid was that!? ha ha. Well I'm thankful to know my body is reacting strongly to the hormones and it does give me great piece of mind that tiny baby is doing well. But would someone please turn it down a notch?!?!

The last couple days it has gotten so bad that I am unable to sleep for any period of time, let alone fall asleep on the first place. Then I'm hurdled over my new friend, the bathroom wastebasket, all day. If I'm not eating, what feels like every 5 minutes, my entire middle burns and churns. I feel like I can't get a 5 minute break from it. I've lost about 7 or 8 pounds but of course no one can tell with all the bloat ;)

So I admit, I wake up crying. Got to bed crying. I'm miserable. I am scared for gummy bear too. I know if I get too dehydrated I can lose 'her'. I hope it settles down some and I don't end up in the hospital getting an IV drip. I saw my sister go thru it with her last pg and it was awful. I'm not at the HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) point yet, but I don't feel from from it either. Hoping this is a first trimester deal and I can get a little break in about 6 weeks. Just praying for now. Sigh...

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  1. Have you talked to your doc about any meds for it? Zofran worked wonders for me, but be warned - it will make constipation worse! I know there are other things though. Hope you get to feeling better soon!