Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6th

May 6th
Dear Someday Baby,
I think today may be the day you let mommy know you are here. My tummy is icky and the pain is steady in one spot. I took that test to tell me when you get here and I hope I'm not crazy. I think I see something there but no one else can. I think its you sweet little pea! I really think you have been listening to your mommy. I will try again tomorrow to see if you can knock a little louder for us. Knock louder baby! I can't wait to see if this is you at my door. I love you so much and the love is intense right now. I hope you can feel it if you are getting snug inside. Please be you. Please say hi to mommy. I love you!

(If this is our little miracle I am 8dpo today)

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