Monday, May 10, 2010

We did it! Literally haha

Well it looks like all the fighting (mentally and physically lol) has paid off 10 fold. We are officially PREGNANT! I'm so thankful it only took a few months. Those few months were hard enough. I can't imagine what kind of a basketcase I'd be if it took any longer. I've lost way too many marbles over the last 2 years to be able to afford losing anymore.

So I had the itch haha. The 'I think' itch. It was difficult to follow it because I had bad pain for a while last month and thought the twinges and funny feelings I had would be chalked up to the same outcome - Not Pregnant. I kept telling Nick 'if I'm not pg this month then I have to go see the dr because something is wrong'. This month felt different tho, and I was extremely careful to be only cautiously optimistic because last month I let my hopes get the best of me. I still remember the exact moment where I felt 'pinch' and was like hmmm that feels very familiar. I prayed, had my fingers and toes crossed and just tried to wait it out.

Thursday morning I woke up and felt happy. That's the only way I can describe it haha. It's very rare to wake up and instantly feel something like that. I thought maybe i had a great dream (a BFP one of course lol) and decided eh what the hell, I'll take a test even tho it's super early. (I was 8dpo today but thought I was 9dpo according to my chart.) So I peed into my little cup and dipped my test and wrapped it back up to put on the window sill which has now become the home of all my pee sticks. I walked into the kitchen and uh oh, I feel not so good. My stomach was a little queasy and I told Nick since he was right there. He gave me a little woohoo and a smirk. Went about my day and then I remembered! O yea I took that test! I went back into the bathroom and sat on the toilet to 'examine' my test. This was a ritual last month. So I looked and looked some more and turning it this way and that caught a glimpse of something.
So of course I jump on the computer and tell my girls that I think I see something but I'm probably just a crazy person. I remember telling Dawn 'I think I see something where there should be a line. Like can you see the line that would show up if there was gonna be a line?' and she said 'Not unless you are PG!' haha. So I told Nick later on after more time of playing superman-goggles that we have a maybe. He said cool we'll go get some more tests. So I buy 5, like anyone doubted that hehe. 3 FRER and 2 CBE digis. Sure enough the next morning it was unmistakeably there and even he could see it. The day before he asked to see the invisible line test and said yea I see nothing lol. Of course he wouldn't see anything, he's a guy haha.
So I'll continue to test till tomorrow because it's my last test. I'll be 13 dpo and on my way to my first prenatal appt. Darker every day so far so I know my levels are going up. I don't have much going on for symptoms, which I'm hoping is just because my awful cold I happened to get Thursday has been the reason why. Lots of crampy feelings, bloating by the minute, lots of cm, little bit of nausea and some weight loss. Down 6 lbs tho which I am liking. So for now... we are pregnant and happy and just praying everything goes well.

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