Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Dr appt

So I know its way too early to see anything on the ultrasound so that's null and void for going in. But we have a lot to talk about to ease my mind this time.
The dr did the sono anyway just in case. He thought he saw a speck already but wasn't totally sure. Said everything looked good otherwise and I was thankful he didn't do a cervix check. I am feeling not so great down there and that would have been not so nice haha.
Before he left the room he asked me about the Lovenox injections. Yes ASKED me. I was thankful for that because I was sure they were going to be a must. But Nick and I already discussed my feeling on doing them this time and agreed if I was comfortable without then it was ok. So I told him I wanted to go at it without and he was fine with that. I asked him about my cold and he told me what was ok to take. I asked him about the weird 'pain' in my hoo haa and I got the pause and the look. He just smiled. because of course he couldn't help himself when I gave the description of it feeling like i pulled a muscle down there. His reply... 'You think you pulled a pussy muscle? Can't help you with that one'. HAHA! Yes my dr is rather mouthy and that's why I like him. It even got a giggle out of the lady he had with him who looked like she was interning. God help her being with him all day haha.
So nothing else to really tell. We agreed to make my next sono in 3 weeks. There won't be too much byt a sac to see next week and just a grain of rice the week after that. So the closer I am to 7 weeks the better picture we will get of baby and the better measurement for my EDD. Normally I would freak out if I didn't go back next week but I feel very faithful about this pregnancy and know the 3 weeks wait will be more benefical to me in the end. I can't wait to show off my little gummy bear the 31st!!

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