Monday, June 7, 2010

My ultrasound went great!

This was not my first u/s but I did not get pics from the last one because gummy bear was just a blip on the screen. So here are my first pics!

So, baby is measuring a day ahead with a heart rate of 176. I guess we are keeping my EDD of Jan. 19th the same for now tho. I was 7 weeks 6 days Monday and baby came in at 8 weeks. I'm ecstatic about this because Beldon always measured small and it was nerve wracking. I'm also extremely nervous and anxious about my NT scan in 4 weeks. The NT or nuchal translucency test is an ultrasound where they look at the nape of the neck to check for any spine problems like spina bifida or a marker for Downs syndrome. Now with Beldon this test didn't come back with any problems so I'm feeling good about the scan. That same day tho I go for bloodwork to test for everything and that coincides with the scan. This is where we got the bad news about Beldon at 14 weeks :(

I know in my heart that everything will be ok but I also never thought something so bizarre as the Triploidy would happen to my baby either. So as confident as I am about our little bear, I am also on pins and needles until I get those results. The condition with Beldon was thankfully just 'one of those things' that sometimes happens and not likely to ever happen again so I'm definitely positive about things. That's all I can be at this point right? So here is to nothing but good news in 4-6 weeks :)

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