Saturday, May 8, 2010

To my girls...

Dawn, I told you I would say it, and here it is:
YOU WERE RIGHT! And I couldn't thank you enough for being so!

To all of girls: Jessica & Jamie for pushing me EVERY night and listening to my venting and cry baby whining. To all who have prayed and wished and really, really meant it when they said they would think of me and the thing I wanted most in the world - Thank You!! For everyone who stuck by me and really cared how I was after I lost my son - Thank you! I love all of you so much and I can't say it enough. If you had any clue how much all of your support means to me you would hurt. Because I hurt right now. My heart is holding so much love for all of you and for the miracle that I got with your help, it actually hurts. I am overwhelmed with so much emotion and want to give all of you a hug. I'm just not sure if I would let go :) Thank you for standing by me and encouraging me not to give up and to stay positive. I wouldn't be feeling the life growing inside me and experiencing all the joy I am right now without you all. I wish nothing but the best for all of you. You got me here, one day, I hope to return the favor. I can't wait to have all of you with me from now on. Thank you girls.

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