Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Early Dr Appt - Our first little scare

I was originally scheduled to go back to the dr 3 weeks from my first appt. But yesterday I was a little concerned, ok more than a little, when I had some brown spotting that night. I remained calm but concerned and said if it was still there in the morning or anything got worse i would call right away. Well morning came and the spotting continued. I was relieved that it did not get pink or red like I had feared it may. I was thankful for that much. I went back to bed and decided maybe to ask my girlies what they thought before I called the dr. I really hate being that paranoid person but can't really blame myself with my "wonderful" history during pregnancy.

I wrote to my lovely fairy God mama Dawn, wonderfully sweet Jamie and my long lost twin Jessica. I told them what was going on and everyone agreed the dr would be my safest bet. Dawn suggested a drop in progesterone which would have made some sense since I was weaning myself off the cream. I called the dr and they got me right in like always. Gotta love their treatment I have to say. They moved me into the ultrasound room and I was scared of not seeing anything on the screen. I held my breath and the dr struggled to find the heart beat. But not because it wasn't there but because my teeny tiny gummy bear is so teeny tiny :) He said I was measuring right on and he couldn't find a bleed. Told me to take it easy, any problems call and he'd see me back in 2 weeks. My new appt is June 7th.

I wish I would have asked for a pic but honestly there was not much to make out. It would have been simply for sentimental value :) But in 2 weeks I shall have some nice pics of a nice sized little gummy and a nice strong, easy to find, heart beat. So thankful to know everything is well so far.

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