Thursday, July 8, 2010

12 weeks 2 day appt & update

Today was a very big day for me. I had my NT scan and my screening tests today. I don't get the results back for a week or so and I'll be on pins and needles till then. Even though I know nothing of how the appt went, I got to see my little baby. I got to hear the heart beat and see baby moving. It was a very different experience then with Beldon. Baby looked different and acted different. I just felt different when I saw baby this time. I really think everything will be ok. I think I will get to take this entire ride and get to hold a crying, breathing baby at the end. But until that happens, until I hear those swwet words, it's gonna be a hard week for me.

Just a little bit of how things have been going... I have the spotting again; brown so I have not had any real concern but still want it to go away. It was just here and there a day or two before and this time it's been over a week. Really not happy about not getting any answers about why it's happening either but that's my life. As long as baby is in no danger then mommy will be ok.

The vomiting and nausea have been anything but kind to me. Going on 6 non-stop weeks now. I don't know if I'll get lucky at all and have this end before 9 months is up. All I can do is pray and deal like with everything else. I think I have felt a few flutters but of course Nick says I'm crazy because everything is by the book for him. Can't tell you how mad that makes me. He's so open minded about everything else and then this, which he knows nothing about other than what he's heard, he's a big dummy. Other than that, not too much of anything new to update with. It almost feels 'boring' compared to my last pregnancy lol. But I will take boring anyday!!

Asking for wishes and thought and prayers for nothing but good test results. I know the support I have on here is incredible and I always want everyone to know how much I appreciate it. Can't wait to update everyone with GOOD news soon!

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