Saturday, July 31, 2010

PINK or BLUE?!?!?!

Well since I've been a HUGE slacker... everyone already knows that we are team PINK! We are having a baby girl and couldn't be more excited. Of course we just wanted a perfectly healthy baby above all but there is always a little wish for a boy or girl. I think your personality and dreams sometimes just push you towards a certain sex. Nick and I always talked about pink, pink, pink and girl, girl, girl but I realized when we found out our little Beldon was in fact a boy, that the sex really didn't matter. We would've given anything to make that baby ok and keep him to love as our first born. The disappointment in gender definitely disappeared when we had Beldon with us.
But like I said, we are elated to be having a daughter!!! Her name will be Gianna Marie and daddy and I call her GiGi (or miss GiGi) for a nickname. I will totally admit I like girl clothes better than boy clothes and I'm so thrilled I get to buy frilly dresses :) My biggest joy will be seeing Nick with his baby girl. I know he will be so protective of her and it means so much to me because I never had that from my father. I adored him but he wasn't my protector and I want my little girl to have that more than anything. A mother to be there to talk about boys and girl problems that only a mommy understands, but a father to play rough with and to teach her all about football and cars and fishing. I want her to be into everything possible and luckily that was something I did get from my father. There is just nothing sweeter in the world for a mother to witness than a daddy and his baby girl wrapped safely in his big arms. I cry just thinking about it.

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