Thursday, December 30, 2010

35 week appt update

Had my Group B strep test done today (yuck! lol). And my first cervical check. Nothing of course, why would I be so lucky. Well they are saying that our little chubb monster is around 6 lbs 9 oz. Yea... at 35 weeks I just about had a heart attack. Do the math and she will be 9 lbs by my due date! Is this for real?! My concern has now been turned up a notch but the dr said they don't give it a second thought unless she's at the 95th percentile and lil miss is only, ONLY *rolling eyes, at the 84th.
I'm praying that they are off by at least a lb and that baby girl is just super chubby and not super HUGE! I've already given up all hope for a natural birth because of the SPD but am I going to be able to get this kid out if she is indeed going to be that big??? It's making me cringe I have to admit lol. Let's just hope she comes out soon huh... Glad I didn't buy any newborn sized clothes because it's not looking like she'll be at all on the small side of things.
Then again they were a lb off with my nephew so maybe we will have the same luck! He was thought to be 7.2 at his 37 week appt and came out a tiny 7 lbs even after 39 weeks. Here's to hoping!!!!!!!!


35 weeks


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