Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just a hello and a little dilema

In the last couple weeks baby seems to have lowered herself into my nether regions. She's become extremely powerful and her 'pushing' on the tummy is becoming pretty uncomfortable. I can now breathe easier which is nice, but the cervical pressure is awful. The low back pain has become constant and the pelvic pain has definitely been turned up a notch or two. Baby girl has also been hitting my pelvic bone a lot which isn't a fun feeling.

Wow I wish I had something better to report. I guess this is more of a vent for the new things that have been happening. I'm really hoping that her recent movement is a sign for a quick future. I would give a lot for her to make her debut in about 4 weeks but I know she will come when she's ready. Needless to say, mommy is ready.

I am trying to get Nick on the bandwagon to understanding my need for labor support. I can tell he's not completely ok with having someone he doesn't know there when our baby is born. I am going to rent The Business of Being Born for him to watch so maybe he can see and hear it from a different perspective. The last thing I want is for him to be uncomfortable for the biggest moment of his life. But I really need someone there that 'gets it'. I need the attention that he's not educated enough to give me. I need someone who has been thru it all before. A girl. A voice of reason so I can focus on me and my body instead of everything around me.

I was very confident about getting thru labor naturally before I had such a rough past 8 months. Now, I need that confidence to come from someone else when I lose it. I know at this point I will be very worn out and quick. I haven't been able to exercise and prepare my body for what it will be facing. My SPD has limited me to less than routine activities and being sick has made me not want to think about anything else but making that go away. I need this and I wish I could get him to understand that. I know that from talking to him about my needs is not getting thru to him. When I tell him what a doula does he gives me the blank stare. When I tell him they help me birth the baby he acts like I just said I was going to hop on a plane to Hawaii. He's a man and doesn't get it. I just wish he would try to get this.

O the list of worries that seem to be piling up on me... I know I can't please everyone but I need to do what's good for me and baby too.


  1. The pain will be over soon and your baby girl will be here. I remember having the same pains, but it's a distant memory already! Glad all is going well and congrats on your wedding!

  2. Nikki, I completely get it. Only, DH probably wouldn't mind the presence of a Doula or birthing coach. He gets it. My Mom and other select family members don't. However, that could be because I only want DH and no other family in the delivery room...o the worries! Time will fly by and your sweet angel will be in your arms in no time! And guess what, I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow! I cannot even believe it!


  3. Hang in there! You're almost there. I know its been rough but you've only got a couple of weeks left.