Friday, August 12, 2011


I can NOT believe it has taken me this long to get on here. I have had the biggest urge to write like you couldn't imagine. But... after a very lonely, long and lengthy recovery from having my precious baby girl it just hasn't happened. I am writing this as a prequel so when I have TIME, which is a word I don't see much of lately, I can write like I want to. I had to get on here and let anyone who still 'follows' my blog that I WILL RETURN! =-D
I miss you all and hope everyone is doing wonderful. I still don't know how to write people on here so please CBella if you see this, I JUST got notification of your comment in freaking March! Please let me know how you are! I can't wait to talk to you and everyone else. SOON!!!!
For now, here is a pic of Gigi from recently~~~~~~ Her 6 month pics that I did. Outfit - courtesy of one of my best friends.

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