Wednesday, March 24, 2010

6 Week Check Up

Yesterday was my first check up since delivering my sweet angel. The dr checked my cervix and everything is good. I asked him a few questions, mostly about the hubby. We got a Rx to try to help things and when he is ready, which I hope is soon, the dr will send him for a SA (sperm analysis). This is just to put our minds at ease. Obviously there isn't an underlying issue with us getting pregnant, but some results from his end will give me some insight on things. Praying for good numbers and motility. (I just keep adding to my prayer list here lol). So now I'm just counting down the days, crossing my fingers and trying to take deep breaths as we return to this rough road of trying to get that healthy baby in our arms.
We did make a lot of progress today as I finally got some answers I needed from Nick. I realize I've done a lot of damage in the time before we got pregnant with Beldon. The importance of us being close and getting that baby over took some more important things like working together. There are a million things that had brought it to that point but it's just nice to see it now instead of not seeing it ever. I am hurt about it but glad that I now know what NOT to do. I just hope after our talk he understands how much I've changed from that mindset and am not trying to pressure him. It's amazing how such macho guys are so mentally sensitive. What posers! lol. I'm just glad to be at the point we have come to today. Without my little baby boy we may never have gotten here. Mommy can't help but keep thanking you for all that you've given her and continue to give her little man. I love you. Daddy may not say it but I know he loves you too.
We need prayers, so please think about us as we try to recover and make another huge miracle! Thanks.

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