Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 week update

Well honestly there is not much to say. I know everyone is sick of hearing me complain and I don't blame you one bit! I'm sick of hearing me too. It just really stinks to be so miserable :(
But my bestie has told me that the belly suits me so I'm thankful for her lol. Here's my 'huge' belly at 30 weeks. The one that is apparently carrying more than 1 baby that I don't know about ;)
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My nausea and vomiting seem to be coming back with a mission. I have been doing pretty well with it for the last month. My weight has stayed steady at 215 for the last 3 weeks or so until this week, I dropped 4 lbs. I should be happy about it, but of course my first emotion was concern. My appetite has decreased a lot and we're back to nothing sounding appealing. I feel like I was lied to when someone told me pregnancy was all about eating and enjoying eating lol. I feel jipped! I'm back to thinking about my first meal after she is born. I am happy to say tho that I've only gained about 12-14 lbs. My heart burn has gotten more frequent. Nothing seems to set it off but cereal is my only savior when it comes to getting me thru the night and back to sleep.

Sleep. That's a whole nother story. More like a night mare as it is probably the most unenjoyable time for me. Laying down is so painful and even more uncomfortable. I can no longer prop myself up because the pelvic pain is too intense. Therefore the heart burn really seeps up the pipes. The pelvic pain I can't even put in words. I just have to stare at the floor and shake my head. The sleep is sparse and makign the fatigue incredible on top of the regular 3rd trimester joys. The hernia, thankfully, has not gotten worse. There's one plus, if you can call it that. My back pain has increased with the weight and size of the belly. This includes the sciatic pain. The blows from baby girl have become pretty uncomfortable and even painful at times. My feet are swollen a good portion of the time. The RLS adds to the no sleep. The bladder kicks are painful. Feels like a horrible UTI. I have my first stretch mark starting and I'm hoping it doesn't get too bad and that I dont' get too many more. I've done real well so far tho. 7 months before it showed it's ugly self. I have at least 3 cavities, my face is starting to break out and my hair needs to be washed 2x a day. I'm sure I'm forgetting things but now I'm too tired of complaining to even write anymore about them!

So there is part of my book that I will one day write. It'll be called "The Truth About Pregnancy - what they don't tell you in health class" HA HA. I keep saying I would be the perfect person to keep teens from getting pregnant! Let's just face it; I wasn't built like the Duggar woman!! And needless to say, I'm very ready to meet my little girl. But not too soon. I'd be ok with another 7 weeks, 8 if she must lol. I am just praying I don't go over my 40. Please!

On a happy note... I'm getting married in less than 10 days!! I'm super excited as we've tried to plan this before and had to put it off. I went overboard with things and hurt us a bit financially but I knew I'd regret another quicky wedding. I feel like I've been given a second chance to do it and I wanted to do it better this time. Guests, a cake, the whole deal. It just didn't stay as small or as inexpensive as I planned. I will just be adding it to my 'Make up to Nick one day' list lol. I'm so lucky to have him and so thankful that he gives me everything. It may come with a smart-ass, sarcastic mouth at times but that's the least I can expect for giving me so much lol. He's good to me when it matters most and that's enough to know how much he loves me :) Can't wait to post pics!


  1. I'm so happy that things are finally going well for you. Just a few more weeks to go. I know its been really tough on you so complain as much as you want! After all you've been through you deserve it.

    WTE jennifer4304

  2. Sorry you're still feeling so awful! It will be over soon - I promise. Then you'll have your princess in your arms :D

    Congrats on getting married! Hope your day goes off without a hitch!